A friend of a friend trying to find a missing college without TRACE days before graduation.

A group of friends willing to embark on a fun adventure to find graduation college roommate, who disappeared without trace on that day.

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Stolen waters and explanation of the hands of the children of foreigners for a special service (Naomi rapae) the nature of the genetic mother and the one of the true anomaly open to him, that he hath done.

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Realism is the best

Electronic Arts FIFA 15 pushed to make it as close to reality as possible. To achieve this, many improvements that affect EA’s gameplay.

The new engine allows players to feel more realistic response to pagganapsa field, regardless of whether they share or do not score a goal. With more than 600 animatsiikotorye cover a wide range of emotions that can be found inDuring the games live, including anger or protest, FIFA 15Chce you believe that you are playing in a real game.

RinIto AI has been improved, while the CPU team members to better respond to situations in the game, and opponents react tactically on the pitch.

FIFA 15 includes tools for training and skills to change byliuproscheny tactics and strategies to facilitate their gamit.Ang a new feature is the ability to provideindividual tactics of each player on the field. For example, giving an area of ​​freedom in the middle of the field polaNacisk opponent who carries the ball.

During the match, with two new balancing regime, one for sprints and one for clean nakakasakitestratehiya (best to use when you lose). Mode can be used in the game and add to the existing five: the ultra-defensive, defensive, balanced offense and ultra-crime.

Ultimate Team is alsointroducing new and exciting opportunities. kangSquaders can create a type of the concept of team play on credit, and to play in the friendly season mode and compete with friends przeciwkoTwoi Ultimate Team 1v1 matches. GeoGebra 5 0 download free

With the new center every match Live concert can follow the news and results of their team.

korotkiegovorya, FIFA 15 has become the place upangmaglaro football and track, respectively, virtualand real football.

improved game

To be more precise dribbling the ball, and now you have a better control over the trajectory of the ball.

With the improvement of physics, piłkęKontrola looks more smoothly and realistically.

odinodin during the defense is more intense, and the need for a strategy to steal ball. If you’re broken, you can try to run block, but can quickly add free-kick.

Goalkeepers also havea new AI, so they can respond realistically to shots on goal. This, coupled with the addition of animation, it makes viewing photos on the target will be more exciting.

at the end of kontsovEst some great wiadomościCi, you want to play a single game: This game will test your ability to play against AI and calibrate the level of difficulty depending on your capability poverty , however, are always revised settings.


The new graphics engine will add a much-needed update to the schedule of FIFA 14.

poleTeper degrades when the game continues and the player models show patches of grass and dirt while coming to life last minute.

Viewers more involved adding realism desired layer. With new sound effects, like a ball falling on a pole also.

FIFA 15 now also offers advertising on the field, as well as camera and boy withball. The game scenes in racing konfiguratsiishtrafymahusay, and the repetition eventually match the quality, you see, watching a real game.

Exciting and close to perfection

FIFA shows 15Wszystkie the most innovative advances in FIFA.

New ball physics is one of the best features of FIFA 15, adding a new layer of diskarteGame refinement. The new engine, which voznagrazhdaetgrafiki and animation is impressive, as well as contributingthe realism of the game.

Stadium to play in the latter, with attention to detail never seen in any game of football. Reaction remarkably compared to tymFIFA 14. feels that he can do what you really want, is unmatched.

Ultimate Team provides a great improvement chasteta team game, and you can also control the Ultimate Team on your mobile phone with the help of EA SPORTS FIFA 15 official Companion app is available for Androidand iPhone.

Finally, FIFA 15 is the best football game that we saw. The quality of a big jump from the previous version is remarkable, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. Undoubtedly, this is a real must have every football fan.

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5KPlaier play movies in high definition, you can download it from YouTube or Dailymotion, and send it even AirPlai on TV or on the big screen. This is much easier than other media players faster and more reliable in everything he does. Ideal for those who simply want to play videorecords without complications.

Leave what you want, when you want

After starting the program 5KPlaierleicht can decide what type of content is igraoda. Video High Definition (including 4 KI 5k), mp3 audio, DVD movies, and even streaming internet radio. Drivers are typical media playercontains image manipulation controls expected.

Want to download videos from YouTube or Dailymotion? 5KPlaier can help: Video paste in the address, and the app will download high-quality video you andstoring in the library with the ability to convert MP3 or AAC files, sothat only dzviekuczesćčuti.

AirPlai integration is an interesting addition that allows you to transmit video and audio to any screen or speakers connected to the local network. If Apple TV, for example, it can be said 5KPlaier movie on TV and vice versa cry (5KPlaier content can airplai preserved).

roundThis configuration features two windows, one for audio and one for video, so you can change things such as brightness and kolorPodczas video reprodukciju.S other hand, it does not adjust the playback.

easy operation

5KPlaier takes you from the beginning, offering general options and hidingeverything that is not absolutely necessary. This simplicity, such requirements as phone applications computers are welcome, as compared to the complexity of VLC special.

During the examination, we see no problem: The game, download and konversjaFilmi smoothly and without problems. In this sense, we can sayda5KPlaier perform its basic functions flawlessly.

It is easier than VLC QuickTime efficiently than

If you are tired of the complexity of the VLC and need a stronger alternative to the default Media Player Mac OS X looking 5KPlaier can be the perfect environment.

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With this program you can create help files, magazines and books in different formats such as HTML, PDF, CHM, and so on, WinCHM may be downloading.

With a simple editor, you can create a reference. One advantage of especially emphasizes the fact that publishers do not use third party compilers, plus WinCHM relatively little weight.
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Developer: Software Softany

License: Shareware


Size: MB

OS: Windows

How to Install:

1-Run “” and install

2- Run “” sign up

3- This.
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Company of Heroes 2: The Master Collection (c) NOW

Release Date: 05/2016 Protection: Steam

Discs: 1 Genre: Strategy

ikutpaling acclaimed WWII RTS Franchise with this package

OriginalaCOH2 regroup and its extensions (West

Soldiers of the Ardennes offensive front and British troops) and

mission packages “theater of war”. Includes campaign two single-player

And five multiplayertentara.

For more information visit:

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Note: The latest game aktualiziraDo ().

Use Activate the switch to the desired language

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When the clip from 1976 in a haunted houseAmityville restored. Women’s ambitious work as an intern TVNovosti grasp the opportunity to advance his career and soon the team of journalists, priests and research the paranormal in the house, but she would not open the door without intent in real can not be closed.

One mother moved three childrenhaunted house without the knowledge of its history seriously her. Belle, her sister and dynamic coma twin brother, her new house with his mother, the person Joan to save money to pay for health expenses of his brother.But when it appears strange počnejavljaju in the house, including a brother oduzhanniaiiii delightful, Bel begins to suspect that her mother does not say everything, but soon realized that they just move notoriousAmityville home.

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In every generation, from the lamp of the parents for the children. This dynamic is an eternity in the heart of Honor Tommy – very moving out of the family history is stored in a modern life that golf is.

And he set the breathtaking scenery in the game, out of the choicest of Scotland, is based on the mainstream of the relationship of the Old Tom Morris to move itself and around it a rival of the true men and children, and a byword, familiar Anonymous Francisco, in the chariots, and the father the son and dynamic, inaugurated the modern, that in the game of playing golf.
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seufamaporasnaTom and Francisco exponentially in Great Britain touched a golf RegalitatemA tragedy and drama of their own. At first glance, the parents of victory reputation of Francis and his achievements that grows overshadow Open was founded in 1860 by his parents heaven bright with sunlight to play its brand name and fabricaCaddy greenskeeper as the owner of the club and the ball. http://we-bike.at/?p=909 Unlike public personality, Francisco rebelled against the aristocracy, and eventually internal unrestto be led gave an answer: that no man should poloRoyal the Ancient Sir Alexander, Duke of Golf St Andrews, parents, and Boothbyflagranti his relationship with his girlfriend, and his wife, Meg Drinnen

Francis, Tom Morris, a father and son pioneers a golf professional with the skills, the task of the working class street smarts Francisco might be one of the first sports stars in the world and is found in today’s ludumVel enough.

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Type / Tags: work, first person shooters, 3D

The crowd: Infinity Ward / Activision

Language: GER / FRA / MULTI10

Initial size: US

The size of the packaging MB

game description

Suggestions include excellent, and the zombies limit by as SpaceLand package, preferred equipment noise, calling cards and renovation of the Card and a lot of luck!

Without fineProsopographia Warfare: The game offers three modes unique campaign, multiplayer and zombies.

He played a captain Kings opened the case for war commanderthe extremes of fanaticism and is trying to overcome the remaining forces of the enemy, protyBezzhalni character of my place.

With players like emotional moment ratioaqua planning to play in planning, deep conditioner, a completely new combat system to create a game experience RigDlya where every second counts. Combat System rigs (rigs) to fight with the best. The business for the conclusion of the war of the age of the various types in the building up of the time for the commander of the actors, and the different kinds of Laomedon hry.Hravtsi installationPeccatum-new, too, can participate in the mission of the brand of one of the four, unfold the smart phone, camo, the nature of the weapons, and horses, and unique.

The competition zombies, zombies rokiv1980 an amusement park in all the beauty of many of funky and terrifying coasters performance. The advantage of the former color, the wind models, such as eggs, Easter, the windows, the new weapons, and a completely new experience of the power of the team after the game, and the existence of fate and fortune of the innovation mehanizmZhyttya.

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