HR & Non HR Professionals

Equip employees and line managers to write and review job descriptions.

Provide insight about the system and enable people in the organization to implement, practice and thereby ensure organizational efficiency and competitiveness.

Provides tools in managing the administration of the system.

Prepare people in Non Management employee administration to understand and practice the minimum requirement of law about employment, non employment, terms of employment and condition of service.

Knowing why and how a change process is to be managed.

People are the best assets and in selecting those interviewers need to be prepared to make the best judgment.

In order to perform in the best possible manner people should be developed through a Competency Framework. This course will enable the managers and employees to implement and practice people development through the framework.

In this competitive world retention of talent is as important as acquiring talents. HR has a big role in managing the career of the talents in the organization to ensure retention and