Training and Development

Our training specializes in knowledge management and adult learning services, aimed at becoming the center of people and organization development excellence. At ProAms, we take pride in our reputation for excellence and our highly personal approach. We are not happy till you are not delighted.

ProAms combines training and professional services in comprehensive competency-based management solutions that are flexible, integrated, cost-effective and targeted to your unique needs. We ensure that your organization achieves top results based on leading practices in talent management and development.

Individual Contributors and Managers

  • Basic Selling Skills – Improve your 1 on 1 selling skills

Understand the process of sales, selling benefits, buying motives of customers, questioning techniques, handling responses, closing a sale etc. The course can be made very interactive with emphasis on ‘learn by doing’

  • Making Effective Business Presentations

Structure of a business presentation, selecting content, communication (verbal / non verbal), using media etc.

  • Social Styles – Understand different social styles and improve inter-personal communication.

Understand the different social styles and how to identify them. Social styles of team members and how to enhance your communication by flexing your style.

First Line Managers

  • Situational Leadership – How to improve your leadership impact

Identifying task-development level of team members. Learning to flex leadership behavior according to task-development level. Learn the basics of empowerment.

  • GROW your followers – Improve your coaching technique

Learn 1 on 1 coaching technique by understanding the most widely used model in business organizations. Learn about feedback and consequences. Practice your skill using GROW model.

Second Line Managers

  • 360 Feedback & Coaching – Collect and collate information about a senior manager from colleagues, subordinates, line-manager, others to understand strengths and areas for improvement.

Engage in a 3-way contract with line-manager, coach and associate to identify development actions and follow-up plans.

  • Executive Coaching – 1 on 1 coaching with senior managers

A partner who brings fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence.

HR & Non HR Professionals

  • Writing Job Descriptions – Equip employees and line managers to write and review job descriptions.
  • Managing Performance – Provide insight about the system and enable people in the organization to implement, practice and thereby ensure organizational efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Managing Compensation & Benefits-Provides tools in managing the administration of the system.
  • Labour Law-Prepare people in Non Management employee administration to understand and practice the minimum requirement of law about employment, non employment, terms of employment and condition of service.
  • Managing Change– Knowing why and how a change process is to be managed.
  • Interviewing Skills-People are the best assets and in selecting those interviewers need to be prepared to make the best judgment.
  • Developing Competencies-In order to perform in the best possible manner people should be developed through a Competency Framework. This course will enable the managers and employees to implement and practice people development through the framework.
  • Talent Management-In this competitive world retention of talent is as important as acquiring talents. HR has a big role in managing the career of the talents in the organization to ensure retention and