ProAms Appreciates Our Employees’ Dedication and Hard Work

We interact with them in our daily lives and may not even realize their far-reaching significance. They employ more than half of the working class and are a major asset to their local communities. What are they? Small businesses.

Small businesses play a key role in their local community’s identity and economic health. They offer uniqueness and diversity in a world that is becoming more and more monopolized.

What’s more, they provide healthy economic competition and incentive for innovation. By having neighbors helping neighbors and friends helping friends, small businesses really are the backbone of the economy.

That’s why, at this time more than ever, it’s important that economic players of all sizes do their part to support small businesses. Not only do we serve small-business clients, but we are a small business ourselves.

That is why we’d like to take this time to highlight the devoted efforts of our team members here at ProAms. Without them, we couldn’t accomplish all that we do.

Since 2008, we’ve been specializing in management consultations, payroll processing, as well as HR recruitment, selection, and placement of highly qualified, experienced professionals.

It’s our mission to assist our clients in making distinctive, substantial, and lasting improvements in their performance. Our team members are characterized by their can-do spirit, decentralized management, and entrepreneurial attitude.

Day-in and day-out, our employees strive to augment productivity through improved quality, efficiency, and cost-reduction for our clients’ resource engagement. In doing so, we enable them to focus on their core business activities.

This same approach is seen in a ten-year ongoing engagement with an employment services company. We serve as a white label provider, offering HR and payroll services. The management of the company recently took the time to leave us a review discussing our partnership.

They said, “Ziaush is very organized and prompt in answering questions, which can be a rare quality in international operations. He understands our questions quickly and always keeps his word.”

Thank you to all of our reviewers for providing us with such constructive feedback! And thank you John for your shout-out to Ziaush! We appreciate your recognition of our wonderful staff. We think they’re pretty great too!

We’re grateful for this feedback because it helps us recognize our employees’ contributions and increase our online visibility on platforms like The Manifest, a B2B resource that connects business leaders with potential clients.

The fact that we’re listed as a top benefits consultant is a testament to the amazing dedication of our employees.

Our leadership team is thrilled to celebrate our employees’ successes and accomplishments! We would like to extend a big thank you to our hard workers and want to express our constant gratitude and appreciation for them.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your next engagement with us!