We help organizations to optimize utilization of Human Resources through re-engineering of work methodology, restructuring and process flow. Avoiding duplication of work and minimize unhealthy business practices.

Performance Management

The expertise of ProAms’s specialists enables you to plan and implement the performance management
process to ensure that staff appraisals and reviews are carried effectively at the highest standards. We
help you align the organizational objectives with the employees agreed measures, skills, competency
requirements, development plans and the delivery of results.

Talent Management

We help you mobilize and manage talent which will enable you worry less about your talent problems and focus more on your business opportunities and growth. At ProAms, we use a fact-based approach to help identify the specific elements of talent managementwhich drive the most value in your business and industry.

Succession Planning

As and when required, ProAms enables you a steady and progressively managed transition. When started early, its ensures certainty and assurance to you in an environment of continued growth We help you review your existing structure and match it against your proposed succession plan, and ensure a strategy is developed so that your goals are achieved.

Compensation & Benefit Administration

We help you build flexible, scalable service models that are accessible and intuitive to employees, balance service quality and cost efficiency and support regulatory compliance. Our team combines industry experience with business strategy, bringing a deep knowledge of program administration requirements and service solutions. Given the importance and expense of rewards administration, our impartial perspective can help guide an organization through the process.

Salary Survey

Through Salary Surveys, ProAms facilitates you with useful information that is relevant in order to attract, support and retain employees within the context of an overall HR and organizational plan. Our salary survey services provide you with useful benchmarking information for comparing salaries and benefits and set compensation levels.

Labour Employee- Relations

ProAms serves as a trusted partner to human resource professionals regarding questions, conflicts and issues that arise in the workplace Our Consultants combine expertise in workforce policies with a collaborative approach to deliver proactive and strategic advicee . The team works closely with administrators, managers and human resource professionals to understand the unique needs and objective of your organization.

Employee Engagement

We work in partnership with you to identify the key behavioral drivers of employee engagement in your organization. Together we determine the effects of leadership behavior within the context of employee engagement strategies and provide managers with practical people management tools to engage others and model the leadership required It enables you to realize full potential of your workforce, unlocking hidden talent and maximizing business performance.

Managing Change

We at ProAms understand the people component of change and hence we help you have a strategy and framework for managing this change. Properly managing change is critical to the competitive strength and success of your business. Business transformation involves not just internal change management, but also choosing partners who will help you with the transformation.

Hr Audit

The comprehensive HR audit of ProAms determines whether your company’s current HR policies, practices, and procedures are meeting compliance requirements and are contributing to the bottom line. ProAm’ s HR audit identifies these weaknesses and provides solutions to reduce the risks to your business. We determine your unique needs and address them, by closing the gap between how human resources is handled now and how it should be done in the future.

Hr Policies Procedures

Your Company’s HR policies and procedures need to reflect your corporate culture and still comply with laws and regulations. ProAms helps you achieve this balance. We help and support you with designing, writing and implementing HR policies and procedures (including manuals and handbooks). Our expertise in developing effective policies and procedures can serve as a valuable resource for your Company.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee surveys will help you measure and understand your employees’ attitude, feedback, motivation, and satisfaction. It will enable you to discover if your organization’s objectives are clearly represented. Feedback and ideas through our surveys are an invaluable resource to help you understand the current dynamics of the workplace and bring changes, if required, at the organization level.

Organizational Restructuring

We help you identify and align internal structure to the current business strategy which will enable you to optimize and improves management systems and upgrades operational efficiency. From conducting preliminary assessments of the existing organizational structure to implementing predetermined change processes, we provide a full range of restructuring solutions to both international and domestic companies. We offer successful blue prints for reorganizations, growth, downsizing, staff allocations, business process re-engineering and change management.